FOR July’s Meeting we were joined by WI members from Toddington WI as our guests. Littletons and Toddington WIs have been affiliated for nearly twenty years and it is hoped to have a small celebration of this event in the near future. President June Lloyd welcomed our own and Toddington members, our Speaker, Alan Rogers and new member Jan Lewington who formally joined us this month. June also mentioned the sad news of the death of Margaret Blake, one of the Toddington members who had been instrumental in setting up the affiliation.

June referred to the Annual Meeting in Liverpool, everyone having received or having access to a copy of her Report, and advised them as to how she had voted. There were no objections. Research is ongoing into the use of the sound system at meetings and will hopefully be resolved shortly. Members were asked to make sure their names were on the various boards for upcoming events – American Supper, visit to Whitley Court, the Annual Council Meeting at Malvern and various other things before Mr Rogers started his talk entitled “A Policeman’s Lot”.

He advised us he had attended Bidford on Avon School where he had been Head Boy before joining Warwickshire Police having spent most of his career as a Traffic Policeman. He had originally wanted to play sport or be a PE teacher but his father had other ideas and sent for an application for him to join the police force where he spent thirty-three years mainly as a Traffic Policeman. One of the things he did in the force was to help design the Speed Awareness Course which he was called upon to undertake himself at one stage! He did however have the opportunity to play football for the British Police Football Team all over the world. The vote of thanks was given by June.

Alan judged the competition “A Funny Joke” before joining us for supper and all entrants were encouraged to read their entries out. First prize was won by Margaret Powell. Hazel Hunter and Val Davies supplied a joint birthday cake as part of the supper to celebrate “a certain special birthday” and we all sang Happy Birthday.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, August 8 which, weather permitting, is an American Supper held in a member’s garden otherwise the Middle Littleton Village Hall has kindly been made available. For further information contact June Lloyd on 01386 830844 or see