Bidford and District History Society meeting 15 December 2017, The Way We Were.

Bob Marshall and Rodney Crompton, members born and bred in the village took us on a photographic trip back to 1920's and 30's Bidford-on-Avon. Using the clever juxtaposition of two screens, the large audience was able to see 'then and now' images of the High Street and village.

The 'then' scenes were of a small village surrounded by farmland and orchards, with a thriving High Street where you really could buy almost anything. There were 2 blacksmiths, bicycle shop, coal merchants, a garage and petrol pump, gas showroom, cobblers, dairy, wheelwright, stonemasons, a butcher’s slaughterhouse, radio shop, wet fish shop, greengrocers, drapers, suppliers of shotgun cartridges, toyshop and local pottery. If you couldn't buy it, you could order it for delivery to the Bull's Head parcel depot the next day, from Evesham or Stratford.

The former Police House village bobby’s duties included directing traffic over the ancient narrow bridge since otherwise traffic from both sides would meet in the middle; sometimes deliberately orchestrated by village scallywags, our speakers included !

The talk was very well received and sparked great interest from Bidfordians old and new.