Barbara opened the meeting by wishing everyone a Happy New Year and reading out notices, she reminded us that the next meeting would start earlier at 7pm as it is the AGM.We were all asked to think about local charities which we would like to support this year.

Alison spoke about final arrangements for the Rococo garden visit in February, asking how many would like to go by coach at a very reasonable £9 fare, please let her know asap if you were not at the meeting.

Our speaker for the evening was Mr Roger Umpleby who spoke on Bugs, Good, Bad and Ugly. He had prepared a wonderful slide show with some amazing close ups of many different bugs that he had taken himself. The macrophotography certainly opened our eyes to the intricate appearance and behaviour of these invertebrates- which suck the life out of plants and on occasion each other! We learnt that there are 46 species of ladybird and that colourful caterpillars don't taste nice (not sure how he knew that)but which makes it safe for them to come out in daylight. He changed our perception of how beneficial wasps are to the garden. It was a most informative and enjoyable talk, we will all be more aware of these visitors to our gardens.

We were sorry to read in the Journal that the Evesham Garden Club has dissolved and as always would welcome anyone interested to come and join us in Bretforton. Please contact the club secretary Barbara Jenman on 01789 720514.