Cora Weaver: “ The Curative Effects of Water “

Cora Weaver’s talk centred on spas, places with one or more natural springs which cured ailments. Water cures were attractive because they had no unpleasant side effects, but required at least three weeks spa treatment. The cost of such treatment and accommodation meant that only the wealthy could enjoy the full benefit of spas. A doctor’s prescription was needed stating how much to drink and ‘dipper’ ladies were on hand to serve the water.

There were different types of water for each ailment. Harrogate offered sulphur water good for skin complaints including leprosy and acne. Bathing in brine as at Droitwich eased rheumatic and arthritic conditions. Chalybeate water was effective in the treatment of anaemia, debility and gonorrhoea.

Bath was most famous in England , but Karlsbad in Germany was superior in the provision of complementary activities.

Today, the UK role of spas is to maintain health, unlike the continent where it is ,regaining health .

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Chris Smith