THE March meeting of Bidford on Avon WI was held at The Bidford on Avon Methodist church. Ann Smith welcomed members and visitors.

All the details of events, outings, classes and information about the WI were detailed in the monthly newsletter.

This was a special meeting as the speaker, Sara Selleck is a member of Bidford on Avon WI. Sara related her fostering experiences. How it could be challenging and rewarding. How each child is unique . It was obvious from her talk that Sara had given not only time to these children but a lot of care and support.

The April meeting is April 12 at the Bidford Methodist Church. The speakers will be David Wornham and his talk is Tuneful Tunes’- a light hearted demonstrated world wide history

of musical wind instruments.

If you would like further information about the April meeting or Bidford on Avon WI do contact either Ann 01789 772409 or Pauline 01789 773390.