At our meeting on 3 May members were delighted that Rex Colwell was now well enough to return to our fold. After news of members, Mike Ansell reminded us that we are prime candidates for prostate cancer.

We then welcomed our guest speaker, Jan Long, who described her Passage to India and over the Dome. With a number of other Rotarians she had travelled to Delhi to assist in the work that Rotary International is doing to immunise young children against polio.

Jan spoke how she had to overcome her fear of heights and flying, and how she met victims of polio, both children and adults, including those in the worst slum areas, and how she climbed over the Dome on her return.

We were horrified to learn that there are more McDonald restaurants in Delhi that in the whole of the UK, and very pleasantly surprised to hear that Bill Gates matches every £1 raised by Rotary with £2 of his money.

She proudly explained that after some 30 years, polio is now almost eradicated.

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Chris Donough