"With our Backs to the Wall:Victory and Defeat in 1918"

At our May meeting our speaker Dr Spencer Jones described how by Spring 1918 Germany was losing the war on three fronts; production food and manpower. However following peace with Russia , Germany moved divisions to the West for one last push on March 21st 1918. German Stormtroopers, Artillery ,120 Tanks and two new gas shells known as blue cross and green cross would take the British first and then the French.

After initial success the attacks petered out. The Germans failed to capture the vital railheads at Amiens and Hazebrok . On the 8th August the Allies counter attacked under the command of General Foch. It was called a Black Day for the German Army. Their commander General Ludendorf ended up on his psychologists couch.

On 11 November 1918 the German Army crumbled and the war ended. 1.2 million Germans had been killed or missing in 1918. At last the guns fell silent in Europe.

The Society’s next meeting is on June 15th entitled “Gertrude Bell-Unsung Heroine of Iraq “ with Jan Long, at the Crawford Hall Bidford B50 4EZ.