Meeting in July, Mickleton’s Gardening Club welcomed the professional entomologist, Roger Umpelby. Giving a talk entitled, ‘How to love Lily Beetles and admire Slugs’, the cynics amongst us thought it would take considerable persuasion for us to do just that!

Roger’s background in horticulture, science and philosophy came to the fore as we listened to his descriptions of the life-cycles of various insects that we identify as ‘pests’. With reference to the RHS’s list of top pests, Roger’s talk was well illustrated with photographs. Useful for the purpose of identification, some images detailing reproductive techniques and the demise of their prey might have warranted ‘X’ certification at other venues!

Roger’s advice and information was imparted with a wry sense of humour and strong factual content. We were advised to use cultural, physical or biological methods of ‘pest control’, leaving chemical sprays as a last resort. Alternatively, we could let nature run riot and observe the wonders of science and, possibly, the loss of prized plants and shrubs!

This well-attended meeting followed a very successful ‘Open Gardens’ event in Mickleton in June, with some members opening their gardens for the wider enjoyment of the Club. Other recent events have included a photography workshop for club members under the excellent guidance of Helen Jackson-Garfield, and an organised visit to Court House garden in Stretton-on-Fosse, organised by Kate Denham.

Mickleton Gardening Club’s next meeting will be on Wednesday, August 15 in King George’s Hall, when Rob Cole will talk about ‘Autumn Fare’ – with particular reference to Meadow Farm and Nursery. Commencing with coffee at 7pm for a 7.30pm start, new members and visitors are most welcome to attend. Our annual Flower, Produce & Handicraft Show will be held on Saturday, August 25. Always a vibrant occasion in our gardening calendar, entry to all classes in the Show are open to both members and non-members. Please visit our website: for further information about the Club and its activities.