THE UK’s leading sweet potato grower and importer has hit the roads with an award-winning consumer campaign.

Scott Farms International’s Love Sweet Potatoes branding can now be seen on vehicles belonging to another Vale company, produce distributor Spiers & Hartwell.

As part of Scott Farms International’s ongoing initiative to educate the consumer about the humble sweet potato, the company has invested in taking its message to the country’s roads.

“We are delighted go take the Love Sweet Potatoes campaign on to our nation’s highways,”

said Scott Farms International chief executive officer Stan Smith. “The livery looks absolutely fabulous and we believe this will continue to help create awareness of the humble sweet potato. We are pleased to continue this long-term relationship with Spiers & Hartwell which, like Scott Farms, is a business of generations.”

Spiers & Hartwell has 55 vehicles and 60 trailers in its fleet, distributing to the likes of Sainsbury and Tesco. The Evesham depot is 60,000 sq ft with 14 loading bays.

Scott Farms International, based on Vale Park, Evesham, last year launched its Love Sweet Potatoes campaign to educate the consumer on the nutritious vegetable.

As a result the company has seen growth in the import of sweet potatoes into the UK and continental Europe and is now looking further afield.

Scott Farms International is the ‘refresh’ importer of the year and is a UK finalist in the import/ export category in this year’s European Business Awards.

As a national finalist, the company will go on to compete for the honour of becoming one of the UK’s national champions on Wednesday next week.