FARMERS are invited to mix business with pleasure at the Farmer Event taking place at Evesham Countrywide store on Wednesday, December 5.

The event is geared specifically for the farming community with specialist advice from a range of experts in the fields of animal health, agronomy and nutrition, alongside special instore offers.

“Our Farmer Events are always very well attended,” said Alistair Folly, agricultural director at Countrywide. “It’s a fantastic opportunity for farmers to get together with friends and neighbours, enjoy some hospitality, benefit from some great deals, meet like-minded professionals and compare notes on what has been a difficult year for those working in agriculture.

“Countrywide agricultural experts will be on hand to discuss the challenges going into winter and through to spring and they can advise on best practice to help ensure greater returns, optimum productivity and improved profitability.

Farmers need to approach their livelihood as a business more now than ever ever before.”

It has not been an easy year for agriculture. Poor quality and low yielding crops are the result of a long and expensive harvest. Insufficient supply to the market has resulted in feed prices, hindering the livestock farmer’s ability to generate quality animals. It also adds another blow to dairy farmers who, despite benefitting from the reversal of milk price cuts earlier in the year, will now have to produce milk with unusually high feed prices and poor quality forage.

In a bid to support its customers, Countrywide has launched a new retail repositioning initiative Stamping Down Prices, an investment of £2 million on reducing the cost of everyday essentials in store to offer customers a better deal.