THE house sparrow has been named the most common bird in Worcestershire’s parks and gardens after more than 7,500 residents birdwatched for an hour at the end of January.

But the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), which staged the annual Big Garden Birdwatch, says some of Britain’s most threatened and best-loved species continue to decline in numbers.

Martin Harper, RSPB conservation director, said; ”We know from the many people who take part in Big Garden Birdwatch every year that garden birds are incredibly precious to us and connect us to nature every day.

“Several of our familiar and best-loved species have been declining at alarming rates over the 34 years that the RSPB has been running the Birdwatch and this year’s results show a continuing decline.”


Average figure for the highest number of each bird seen at one time

House sparrow ______________ 3.4

Blackbird ____________________ 2.9

Blue tit ______________________ 2.8

Woodpigeon __________________ 2.2

Chaffinch ____________________ 1.6

Great tit ____________________ 1.6

Starling ______________________ 1.5

Long-tailed tit ________________ 1.4

Robin________________________ 1.4

Goldfinch ____________________ 1.4