THE Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust has launched its new shoot sweepstake package and already demand is high.

With designs by artist Owen Williams, the package is a definite must-have this shooting season and it is completely free.

The trust’s sweepstake has been immensely successful and last year alone raised more than £80,000 for game and wildlife research.

The package contains everything necessary to help run a successful shoot day, including stand markers, shoot cards, collection boxes, spent cartridge bags and a sporting year planner.

Max Kennedy, sweepstake organiser, said: “We are thrilled with the new design and grateful to Owen Williams for providing the eye-catching pictures of woodcock, mallard, partridge and pheasants. “Many shoots do not have shoot cards, but I think these new designs might start a trend as they are really stunning.”

To order packs call 01425 651058 or email