COTSWOLD farmer Mark Tufnell planted an oak tree in the parkland of Overbury Farms on Bredon Hill to mark its launch as a LEAF demonstration farm.

He was watched by Penelope Bossom, the farm owner, Jake Freestone, farms manager, and a host of guests, welcomed by Robert Kynaston of LEAF – Linking Environment And Farming.

Mr Freestone, who has managed the farming enterprise since 2003, said: “Overbury has a long tradition of farming with nature. Following the sustainable farming principles of Integrated Farm Management, we are able to strike the right balance between commercial farming, environmental sensitivity and linking with our local community.

“We want other farmers to be inspired by what we are doing and to help the public get a better understanding of how their food is produced as well as how their countryside and its wildlife is cared for.

“We look forward to reaching out to diverse groups and showing them what we are trying to achieve at Overbury Farms.”

Caroline Drummond, chief executive of LEAF, said: “Overbury Farms is certainly a special place demonstrating what can be achieved with a forwardthinking, innovative approach that combines a commercial outlook alongside careful environmental stewardship and a genuine interest in the local community.

“Overbury Farms joins over 40 LEAF Demonstration Farms carrying out amazing work to inspire, educate and enthuse us all about sustainable farming, thanks to the enthusiasm of Mrs Bossom, Mr Freestone and their team.”