WITH elections less than a month away, all candidates who have put themselves forward to stand were announced this week.

District, town and parish council seats are all up for grabs in the elections which will see thousands of Vale residents take to the polls on Thursday, May 5, to vote for their preferred candidate.

There will be contests in 20 of Wychavon District Council’s 32 wards with more than 30 seats needing to be filled. In some areas such as the Bredon ward, there will be no contest as Adrian Hardman is the only candidate to stand and there is only one position available.

The same situation has presented itself in Evesham South ward where the two available seats have been taken by Bob Banks and Gerry O’Donnell – the only two candidates; Great Hampton where John Smith will remain councillor; and current chairman of Wychavon District Council Linda Robinson retains her seat in Upton Snodsbury unopposed.

One ward where no candidates have been put forward is in Elmley Castle and Somerville, where up until last month the standing member was the councillor Anna Mackison. She died after a short battle with illness and an election to find a new member will be held sometime after the May 5 vote.

Meanwhile, on the same day, voters will also be asked to choose their preferred candidates for town and parish council elections, as well as voting on the vote reform referendum.

For further information about the May 5 elections, visit wychavon.gov.uk.