A woman who is preparing to run her fifth half marathon in London next month says it's "amazing how addictive" it can be.

Topsy Taee, from Broadway near Evesham, has become a "hugely enthusiastic" runner since taking up the sport during lockdown.

Mrs Taee has grown a real passion for running despite being in her 60s, and has already completed five half marathons and two full marathons.

"I started running during lockdown when everything was shut and met other mature ladies who had taken it up like myself," she said.

"This will be my fifth half marathon - I have also done two full marathons in London and Brighton.

"We started our own running group which we called RIOT (Running is our Therapy) for ladies in their late 40s to mid 60s, and we have all taken up running.

"The youngest is 47 and the oldest is 65 from here to Stratford and we do social stuff in-between."

Mrs Taee is running the London Landmarks Half Marathon on Sunday, April 7 which takes place through Westminster and the city centre.

The race starts at Pall Mall, with groups setting off in intervals between 9:15am and 11:40am before runners reach the finish line by Downing Street.

"I have always been active but I only started running in 2020," she said.

"I am hugely enthusiastic about it and love being outdoors. 

"When I run with the group we talk the whole time, you don't realise how social running is."

Mrs Taee said she runs up four to five times a week, braving the weather elements during training earlier this year that had delivered the "wettest spring ever".

She is currently conducting a 12-week programme in preparation for the half marathon, running 20/35 miles per week.

"I don't run the whole marathon distance when training. What do you is learn to run tired.

"Everyone can do it, it's amazing how addictive it is. It gives you freedom and it's amazing how progressive it can be.

"Fitness is a matter of choice, we all lives as amazing machines. You can change at any age to do something new.

"I mean, there are some amazing runners in their 70s and 80s who do it - I chose to do it to try and be the best version of myself.

"You can do more and be more. There's so much information out there about fitness - we should all learn to embrace it."