Anybody with a PayPal account has been urged to act now to avoid having to pay additional charges.

Changes are being made to the PayPal user agreement which could see users charged £12 per year if their account has been inactive for 12 consecutive months.

You will be classed as inactive if you haven’t logged onto your account for the past year as PayPal introduce the annual charge from December 16.

Updating your details before December 15 will stop the charges. warned in October that changes were being made the company’s user agreement.  

The website said: “If your account has been inactive for over 12 months, the fee you're charged will be the lesser of £12 or your entire PayPal balance.

“If you don't have any money in your PayPal account, or your balance is negative, PayPal says you won't be charged a fee, even if you have a credit or debit card linked to the account.

“You can avoid being charged by logging into your PayPal account (or making a transaction) on or before 15 December 2020, before the fee is introduced on 16 December 2020.”

You avoid the additional charges by either closing your account for good or ensuring your balance is at zero. also warns users to keep track of their emails.

“PayPal says it has no plans to close inactive accounts which don't have balances.

“It will also warn inactive customers that they could need to pay a fee, by sending them notifications 60 days, 30 days and then seven days before the fee is set to be charged.”