UK fans of the iconic Gossip Girl have been waiting patiently (or, not so patiently) as the reboot has already been streaming in the US since July 8th.  

Lovers of the original cast have been left to imagine what the new Blair Waldorf is like, will there be a Serena/Dan type relationship, and is Kirsten Bell still the iconic Gossip Girl voice?!

However, UK fans have not much longer to wait… Finally it has been announced that the HBO Max Gossip Girl is coming to UK screens tonight! So where can we catch it?

Where to watch the new Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl will premier on BBC1 tonight (25th August) at 10:35pm. All six episodes that have already aired in the States will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer immediately, so fans can binge their way through the series.

With the first trailer being released back in May, fans have been eager for the reboot of an already popular show to begin. With a whole new cast, viewers can look forward to names such as Zión Moreno, Emily Alyn Lind, Jordan Alexander, Thomas Doherty and more as they traverse through the daily dramas of Constance Billard St. Jude high school.

Fans have been taking to Twitter to share their excitement to relive the popular teenage show.

One said: "Gossip Girl finally airs in the uk today, finally I can binge without effort"

Another added: "In important @gossipgirl news, the reboot finally comes to the UK tonight."

The series will pick up eight years after the original ended with Gossip Girl's identify finally being revealed.