THE heavily pot-holed main road through Ledbury will not be repaired by Herefordshire Council this winter, and no repairs have been guaranteed for the next financial year.

This will be subject to consultation with Herefordshire county councillors, including Ledbury members.

In the meantime, Ledbury's mayor, Cllr Annette Crowe, says The Homend, the longest stretch of road through Ledbury town centre, is now no better than a farm track.

The matter was raised by Herefordshire councillor, Liz Harvey at last week's full town council meeting in the Market House.

Cllr Harvey claimed that the road had been allowed to deteriorate so much, the county council had decided it was uneconomical to repair it this year, given budgetary considerations.

She said: "I have been told that the remaining budget - only £811,000 for all A and B roads in the county, was insufficient to justify spending £135,000 of it resurfacing The Homend.

"Reading between the lines, it seems clear that the state of this section of the road has been allowed to deteriorate beyond the point at which it is judged economical to repair.

"Clearly this is unacceptable."

She added: "I am told that this stretch of road will be high on the priority list for the 2016/2017 programme. Nevertheless, I continue to press for assurance that the same won't happen again, next year."

In fact, no firm guarantees were given by the authority this week that The Homend would be repaired in 2016/2017.

A programme of works in the county will be subject to consultation, which is yet to happen.

A Herefordshire Council spokesman said: "Schemes are identified through an established prioritisation process which takes into account the condition of the asset, road safety and the views of stakeholders, including members.

"Whilst The Homend is not planned for 2015, the schemes for the 2016 annual plan are currently being identified. The 2016/17 programme is being collated and it will be issued to members for initial consultation, later in the year."

Ledbury's mayor, Cllr Annette Crowe, is dismayed that The Homend will face another winter without repairs.

Cllr Crowe, who is also owner of the Past and Present jewellery shop, on The Homend, said of the state of the road: "I think it's absolutely appalling. Lord knows what condition The Homend will be in after the winter. It's like a farm track, not the main road through town. It is spoiling the town.

"I am really disappointed. Ledbury deserves better than this."

Cllr Martin Eager, owner of the Homend Shopping Mall, said shoppers had come in complaining about the road.

He said: "It needs sorting out, as soon as possible. We get people coming in, complaining about it.

"The state of the road is putting off shoppers and tourists."