A RUNNER will be coming through Herefordshire as she attempts to break a world record by running from Land's End to John O'Groats- and back again.

Yvie Johnson starts the 42-day challenge today and aims to become the first woman to run 1,680 miles during the return journey.

The 35-year-old from North Wales will be running in Herefordshire on April 8 and stopping at St Weonards before carrying on through the county the following day.

She hopes to raise £50,000 for mental health charities after she was diagnosed with bipolar last April.

Ms Johnson said: "I am doing it to show that even with a mental health diagnosis you can achieve something extraordinary.

"I am not exceptional- I am just a mum with three kids who failed at a police career and is in the middle of an university degree."

She resigned from the police force in April 2013 when she was diagnosed with depression. At the same time she stopped her running hobby.

Ms Johnson then started studying an illustration degree but realised that her moods changed drastically.

She said: "I knew the light had gone out and it just wasn't normal."

She has since been put on the correct medication which has helped.

Ms Johnson said she felt angry at the system as it took so long to be diagnosed.

She said there should be a clearer system of how to get help and would like to see walk-in centres for mental health.

She has trained for the world record attempt in six months.

Ms Johnson wanted to help others now that she is well enough and to raise awareness of how mental health services need to improve.

She is raising money for Bipolar UK, Mind, Scottish Association for Mental Health, Young Minds and Place2Be.

To donate go to https://fiercemindevents.wordpress.com/