STUDENTS at the John Masefield High School in Ledbury responded positively to Mental Health Week with art and communication.

Pupils gave talks to pupils, addressing mental health issues, and posters were made and displayed in support of the message and the event.

The aim of the week is to make young people more aware of the issues surrounding metal health, and to educate and increase awareness about mental illness.

A school spokesman said: “A group of students gave assemblies, did a poster display, and held events at break times.”

Children’s Mental Heath Week has a high-profile launch this year nationally last week by the Duchess of Cambridge, who emphasised the theme of “Being Ourselves”.

In an address, The Duchess encouraged children to “be comfortable in their own skin” as part of the campaign to protect the mental health of young people.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who is pregnant with her third child, also said that grown-ups adults should help children by giving them “the emotional strength they require”.

In a video, recorded for Children’s Mental Health Week, she said “Childhood is an incredibly important moment in our lives.”

The Place2Be charity, which runs the annual event, is particular concerned about the impact of the internet on young lives.