THIS summer’s heatwave has afforded a glimpse into Worcester’s past, with strange markings appearing on a city golf course.

Worcester News Camera Club member Paul Savage took this picture last Monday, revealing a network of straight lines and circles on the greens of the Perdiswell golf course.

On the club’s Facebook page, Stuart Jancey said: “There were lots of football pitches on there in the early 70s.”

While David Edinborough described the markings as “definitely a combination of drainage and old football pitches.”

The Worcester News’s own Mike Pryce recalls that this land was used as an airfield during World War Two, which raises the possibility that at least some of the markings could be the remains of roads, runways and dispersal circles, where aircraft would be parked.

The airfield, called RAF Worcester, was a flight training school between October 1940 and July 1945.

According to one source, in September 1942 a Douglas Dakota transport plane crashed blocking the Bilford Road, next to the airfield. The co-pilot was the American film star Clark Gable who was involved with a planned gunnery training film.

There have been a number of examples in various parts of the country of the outlines of long-forgotten structures appearing on fields as a result of the heatwave.