CCTV footage has been found which shows Tom Jones at the Hive before 3:40am.

It is believed he may have crossed the Sabrina bridge and turned right but the CCTV footage is unclear.

He was wearing a Blue lacoste jacket, dark blue jeans and blue Adidas Gazelle trainers.

The news was posted on the Facebook group, Find Jonah! Tom was wearing a blue lacoste jacket, dark blue jeans and blue Adidas Gazelle trainers.

There will be a mass search today. Everyone who wants to participate is asked to meet at the Riverside Campus at 10am.

Search parties today, will knock on every door in all roads from Sabrina bridge up to Hallow to ask for any CCTV footage of the following times: 3.30 am - midnight on the Wednesday, September 19. They want footage from throughout the whole day and night but with particular attention to the hours from 3-5am and 2-5 pm in the afternoon.

If you have a CCTV camera, to save the search party time, the group members are asking you to do the following steps: check the current time with CCTV to make sure it is accurate, note anything of interest down - (what road, time, description - is the CCTV in a garden?), and call 101 if you see anything.

Search parties will be knocking on doors with police CCTV questionnaires to assist.

Tom's Cousin Louise Heffernan is co ordinating the search with other family members. Miss Heffernan said: "We have got as many members of the public with us today to do door to door checks, garden checks and get as many house CCTV and residential checks to help us with the private and city CCTV we have already."

Aimee and Paul Jackson have come from Redditch to help with the search, Mrs Jackson said she was there "Just to be involved and to see if I can help in any way. It brings the community together, and I work with the homeless so I'm that kind of person who likes to help people."

Mr Jackson said: We have got a little girl. If it was our little girl we would want people do everything to help. It's any thing we can do to help really."

Helpers were given a talk on which areas to search and what to ask residents. They were told not to go out alone and to stay with at least one other person.

Papa Johns in Worcester also pitched in yesterday by sending pizzas for the volunteers.

Specialist search and rescue officers are also on the scene and police dogs have been spotted.