A GRIEVING husband crashed into a lamppost after drinking whisky and beer, a court heard.

Thomas Trueman, aged 36, of Willow Drive, Droitwich, was found nearby his car after the crash, which happened at around 3.10am on September 6.

He admitted to smashing into a lamppost near the Homebase roundabout, in Droitwich, but refused to take a breathalyser test.

Sarah Bradey, defending, said: "The events of that night were utterly out of character for this man and were completely attributable to the quite frankly awful recent events in his personal life.

"On August 7 his wife passed away. She was 31, they had been married for two years. Out of his extreme upset he didn't really know what he was doing on that day.

"He's beginning to pull himself back together, he went back to work yesterday and started grief counselling on Monday.

"His car having been recovered after the collision with the lamppost is now on his drive, he's going to donate it as scrap to a charitable cause.

"He is a respectable man of impeccable previous character."

Ms Bradey said police found Trueman slurring his words and wobbly on his feet, although she suggested that this could have been due to the crash.

The solicitor said the defendant had penned a letter for the court and also handed over a character reference from his former manager.

Kerry Lovegrove, prosecuting, said Trueman told police he had consumed three beers and five glasses of whisky because his wife recently died.

She said he then refused to take part in a breathalyser test for 'emotional reasons'.

The solicitor added that the crash had damaged both the car and the lamppost.

Trueman, who has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to failing to provide a specimen.

Roger Warrington, chair of the magistrates bench, said: "You have our sympathy for your situation, all three of us agree it is a terrible situation to be in. But it doesn't excuse what you did."

Worcester Magistrates Court handed Trueman a 17-month driving ban and told him to pay £435.