AN AMPUTEE has been left languishing in a hospital for five months because the council could not find her a suitable home.

Nikki Wilson, aged 52, first entered Malvern Community Hospital after her left leg was amputated because of a foot ulcer.

The former care worker said she was more upset about having nowhere to live than she was about losing her leg.

She has been applying for social housing properties since June and has only just secured a place this week.

Malvern Hills District Council said the wait was down to Miss Wilson's specific needs and her desire to stay in the town.

She said: "The biggest thing for me is how long it's taken.

"It's coming up to winter and they will need this bed for someone else.

"I know it's a difficult situation to house me, I need a water room and level access because of the wheelchair.

"I'm not an easy customer but I can't believe I've been waiting this long.

"I'd like to raise awareness about how bad the housing situation is. I'm sure I'm not the only person stuck in hospital waiting for accommodation."

Miss Wilson, previously of Gloucester Close, Malvern, added that she has found her lengthy stay in hospital challenging.

She said: "It's the little things. I can't make a cup of tea, I can't use the kettles at the hospital because of health and safety - and I'm only 4ft tall now which doesn't help."

"Little things like that really grind you down. I'm an independent person. Surely I have the right to live somewhere and look after myself.

"I'd like to think I can start working again in the future, I'm not someone that just wants to scrounge off the system."

Miss Wilson's life was turned upside down after she visited her doctor with a foot ulcer and ended up having her leg amputated.

She added: "I got sent to hospital for someone to look at it. They got me into a bed and within six days they chopped my leg off.

"I was in disbelief. The life I had before had gone. I've lost my home and my job, I've just lost everything.

"After three to four weeks the physio went to my flat and said I couldn't go back to it as I couldn't get the wheelchair through the front door.

"I was lucky to get a room in Malvern [Community Hospital]."

Miss Wilson said she had applied for around eight properties through Home Choice Plus website and was finally offered a flat on Tuesday.

She wanted to stay in the town because her friends are here, however she said she was essentially homeless until receiving the offer this week.

Her leg was amputated at Worcestershire Royal Hospital six months ago.

Elaine Salter, housing services manager for Wychavon District Council, said: “We have liaised with the hospital and the applicant on a regular basis and although a number of properties were identified as potentially suitable, the applicant wanted to remain in a specific area.

"It has therefore taken time to find a suitable property. The customer’s needs were very specific and there is a shortage of those types of homes.

"It would not have been acceptable for us to place the applicant in an inappropriate property that could have put them at risk and we are pleased they have now been able to find the right accommodation.”