A TEACHER had her head shaved to raise money for a pupil who is travelling to Germany for cancer treatment.

The money raised will help the family of 16-year-old Billy White to stay with him in Germany, where he will undergo proton-beam therapy.

Helen Davis, the head of music at Dyson Perrins Church of England Academy and Billy White's form tutor, underwent the shave on Wednesday.

Billy, who suffers a rare form of cancer called chondroblastic osteosarcoma, will receive NHS funding for the treatment.

Speaking about Wednesday's fundraising event, Billy said: "She has decided to shave her head because I had to lose my hair during chemotherapy.

"It's really amazing to have her and lots of other people making events and donating money.

"It's to raise an extra bit of money to help me on my way in Germany.

"The money will go towards things such as a car over there, expenses for the rest of my family to come and additional costs."

He added that the money will also help pay for tutors so he can keep up with his schoolwork.

Billy currently has a tumour by his sinuses and described his health as 'not brilliant'.

The pupil, of Halfkey Road, Malvern, said: "It's important to reduce it in size so it doesn't grow any bigger.

"If it grows bigger it could blind me."

Billy is pleased that he will soon to undergo proton-beam therapy, even though he is expecting it to be a challenge.

He will leave for Germany with his family on Sunday, with treatment due to start on October 16.

It will last for two months and Billy, who one day wants to be a sound engineer, hopes to be home for Christmas. Ms Davis, aged 38, said: “Billy is an incredible young man who has such a zest for life.

"He is a truly lovely lad who would do anything for anyone and who has been an invaluable member of my technical team at school for many events.

"I knew I had to do something dramatic in order to raise as much money as I could to support Billy with his ongoing medical treatment.

"People have said I’m brave to shave my head, but for all those who are undergoing treatment for cancer it is not a choice for them, but a traumatic part of a reality that they have to come to terms with alongside the very real implications of a cancer diagnosis.

"I have not done something brave, I’ve merely encouraged people to donate money by giving them an incentive."

The event at Malvern Vale Community Centre raised £340 for Billy and his family.

To contribute to the Just Giving page go on www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/backbilly