Kidz Baby Shop is an independent small family-run business in the centre of Worcester.

The shop was established in 2001 by Alison Aston, an ex-prison officer.

The shop is known for its baby clothes and accessories from premature babies to three-year-old toddlers, including party dresses, hats, socks and baby shower games.

Alison’s dream was to open her own shop, so she quit her job as a prison officer to fulfil a career as a business owner.

She started by working a baby clothing market stall in Gloucester, but Alison, originally from Worcester, said the commute was becoming too much.

Wanting to be closer to home, Alison opened first shop on Charles Street, Worcester.

She said the business struggled initially, partly because of its position in a quiet street, slightly outside main city thoroughfares.

Undeterred, Alison continued in Charles Street for a further three years but after a call from her bank advisor, was told that the business needed to progress, otherwise it would fail. She eventually moved the business to its current location on Mealcheapen Street, Worcester.

Alison said: “The shop practically runs itself, I am proud of myself and I love my business.”

“Women come into my shop when they first find themselves pregnant. They then come back to visit with the baby. It’s very rewarding, I feel like I go part of the pregnancy with them.”

Alison has had no business loans and no debts. Everything she owns belongs to her.

Alison’s advice to anyone who is starting a new venture is to stick at it.

She said: “It is hard and nothing is easy. Never give up.

“The main point is to never become greedy, keep things cost effective, a business is like a baby. You must nurture it, love it on its bad days and on its good.

“As it progresses, it should become less dependent and start to look after itself.”