Narraway’s Butcher’s shop in St. John’s is one of the most well-known family run butcher’s shops in the city.

For owner Ian Narraway, this year is his 43rd Christmas in the business.

He said: “After doing it this long I just count by the number of Christmases I have been here for. It makes it easier to count when you’ve been around this many years.”

Ian, who was born and bred, in Worcestershire took over the shop in his early twenties having been trained from childhood.

The site on which the current shop stands was previously owned by the Fudger family and Ian initially set up his shop alongside his sister.

Two renovations and more than 40 years later, Ian now serves between 650 and 700 people per week - helped by his team, some of whom also have more than 30 years experience.

What's behind his longevity? He says: “Here we need to be so sharp when it comes to having the best products. My motto is quality, quality, quality.

“You have to have the eye constantly focussed on quality to stay ahead of the competition.”

As a family firm, Ian says his staff create a unique rapport with their customers, with multiple generations of customers returning each day.

He said: “It is the friendship we have as a team and with our customers that really keeps us going. On those days when you’re having a tough time it really helps to have those regulars coming in.

“I get people in who are adults now and came in with their parents when they were kids, and then their parents came in with their parents too.”

As with any self-employed business owner, Ian has had to learn every aspect of managing a business, becoming more than a butcher.

He said: “You have to be on the ball with all the different aspects of the business and knowing what is coming in when and making sure you are always ready. I work hard and work long hours, but I love it, and that makes all the difference.”