GW Lambs Removals is one of Worcester’s oldest removal companies with a history dating back more than 100 years.

For Peter Dullehan, managing director of the firm, staying true to the family heritage of the company is vital.

Originally from Hereford, Peter took over running the company in 2013 and says: “When I arrived, George and Margaret Lamb really wanted a family to take over and it really does help.

“We help people move whose parents or even grandparents we helped over 30 years ago.

“A lot of our staff have been here for a long time too, so people know there is a great continuity to the business.”

The family tradition in Lambs continues to this day, with Peter’s wife and daughter both working for the firm.

Prior to taking over Lambs, Peter, 58, worked for a multinational company for 20 years, before working in the removals industry for eight years.

He describes the move as ‘something I wish I had done earlier’ saying: “I had built a career helping people make a success of their business so I decided to make a go of it myself.

“Having been an employee I took the leap to become an employer leaving a secure job and salary.

“It was a leap, but I don’t regret any of it and I love my job.

“It was a little bit of fate and the business became available at just the right time.”

Lambs is not just limited to Worcester, having bases in Bristol and Weston, transporting up and down the M5. In the past five years the firm has increased its fleet size and trained three new HGV drivers.

Taking over the running of a business can be a daunting task, and Peter has words of wisdom for anyone planning to take the plunge, saying: “My advice is to work hard; running your own business is not a 9-5 occupation, in many ways it is a lifestyle, but it is always important to have time to step back and reflect so work does not become a chore and you approach it fresh every time.”