MEMBERS of Worcestershire Greenpeace held a protest against a cookie company's use of palm oil.

They gathered in Worcester High Street on Saturday to protest against Mondelez, the company behind the Oreo brand, as part of a worldwide day to oppose the destruction of the rainforest for palm oil.

 Worcestershire Greenpeace volunteers set up a vault beside the Elgar statue and invited members of the public to have their photo taken.

Bradley Jones, a Greenpeace volunteer from Worcester, said “In Worcestershire, we all love Oreos but rainforest destruction for the palm oil used to make them leaves a bad taste in our mouths.   That’s why here in Worcestershire, we’re calling on Oreo to drop dirty palm oil.”

Palm oil is a vegetable oil found in lots of the products sold in our high streets, including chocolate bars, biscuits, soaps and shampoos It can be made without destroying the rainforests.