MALVERN Foodbank has received a double boost in the run-up to Christmas, thanks to members of two councils.

Malvern Town Council has donated £500, an idea proposed by Cllr Peter Smith and seconded by Cllr Samantha Charles.

And district councillor Natalie McVey has donated a further £250 from her personal allowance.

The town councillors decided to propose the donation after reading a report in the Malvern Gazette and Ledbury Reporter in October.

It said that the manager of the foodbank, Peter Buchanan, had serious worried over the impact that the introduction of Universal Credit would have on some of Malvern's most vulnerable people.

In their notice of motion approved at this month's town council meeting, they said: "Foodbanks where this new benefits system has been introduced over the last 12 months have seen a 52 per cent average increase in use.

"The government needs to ensure that no-one is left with a gap in their income."

Cllr McVey made her donation at the foodbank's annual meeting on Monday.

She said: "I was delighted to be invited. I am astounded that a nation like the UK, the fifth richest global economy, needs to provide lifelines to citizens literally choosing between eating and heating, but happy that such caring people exist.

"With Universal Credit looming, and observing how this has impacted so heavily on the most vulnerable in society, I have donated half of my Malvern Hills ward budget to the foodbank."