ROMSLEY parish council and its residents are urging proposals for a new housing development to be reconsidered.

Almost 100 objections have been lodged with the planning authorities with over 70 people attending a recent meeting arranged by residents.

The proposed development is for seven houses to be built on St Kenelms Road, opposite a busy shop on a narrow stretch of road, frequently gridlocked leaving vehicles having no choice but to drive along the pavement.

Romsley parish councillor David Powell said; “We welcome housing developments that are sustainable and meet the needs of our residents and enhance our community, however, in its current form this development will intensify the existing safety issues with this stretch of Road and I’m really disappointed.”

“The parish council have been trying to work with the developer, Kendrick Homes, Worcestershire County Council Highways Department and Bromsgrove Planning Officers for several months to identify a safe and sustainable solution but no one seems willing to act appropriately and own the problem.

"Our residents deserve more than this, and I am dismayed that Worcestershire County Council has shown so little interest in the safety of the people living in Romsley.”

Worcestershire County Council Highways Department told Bromsgrove Planning Committee that they have undertaken a robust assessment of the location with no safety or congestion concerns.

However, residents say they are aware of the very significant safety problems and congestion that exist.

Romsley parish council have submitted a freedom of information request with Worcestershire County Council Highways Department, asking them to release full details of their assessments.

Romsley parish council chairperson Richard Arrowsmith said; “I have been involved in the management of roads for over 15 years, and even I was shocked at the frequency and severity of some of the incidents we captured on camera.

“Professionally I cannot understand how Worcestershire Highways can claim to have assessed this road robustly and have found no safety concerns. I invite everyone to watch this video and judge for themselves whether the volume and severity of traffic safety problems require a comprehensive road safety review.”

“If this reflects the quality of road safety assessments that are going on for all smaller developments in Worcestershire, we have real problems as a county. I’m sure the largest building projects, involving many hundreds of homes do get scrutinised, however, it is these smaller in-fill developments that really impact on communities," Mr Arrowsmith added.

“In the coming years, we are going to see huge numbers of homes built across the county, these are vital for future generations, but existing communities must have safe roads that meet their current needs.”

“Based on our experience, I question whether Worcestershire County Council Highways department has the capability and determination to meet the challenges they are going to face in the coming years and obtain the best outcome from development for Worcestershire taxpayers.”

“For the safety of all the residents and visitors to Romsley, we implore Bromsgrove Planning Committee to defer the decision on this proposed development and request the county council to undertake a proper safety assessment of the location and the cumulative impact the development will have”.

Bromsgrove Planning Committee are set to review proposals this week.