UNIMPRESSED residents in Stourport are calling on Wyre Forest Council to take enforcement action against a developer who they say has built a home on a well-used pathway.

Bromsgrove firm Elmsvyne Homes was granted planning permission in 2017 to build six new houses on the former Vale Road car park, but when boards around the development were removed last year, residents noticed that a pathway next to the site, which provided a cut-through to St Wulstan's Church and a nearby dental practice, had been blocked off altogether.

Mitton Gardens resident Howard Morgan told The Shuttle: "The original plans that were passed by the council showed the original pathway, which had been there since the 1940s, still in place.

"It was all boarded off while the homes were built so we couldn't see what was going on. Then when the boards came down you could see the footpath had been combined into one of the houses.

"There's no pavements there so now people who go to the dentists are having to walk across an unadopted road with quite a lot of potholes. People with infirmities could easily trip over."

Elmsvyne Homes submitted another planning application in September to allow amendments to the position of the houses, and provide an alternative footpath to the north of the site - but the proposal was rejected.

Wyre Forest planners said the loss of a direct footpath would 'fail to promote ease of movement within the area', while the proposed alternate pathway would 'put those travelling on foot, by cycle and for vulnerable users at significant risk and conflict with vehicles'.

Mr Morgan added: "The council's decision has opened up a whole new can of worms. People have moved into these houses so the only thing the developer can do is take this land back from them. I can't imagine them demolishing it."

Wyre Forest District Council said it is now considering its next steps.

Elmsvyne Homes was approached for comment.