A DISABLED father was threatened by a bouncer and called a ‘pervert sex offender’ as he dropped his daughter off at a Worcester nightclub, he claims.

William Smith, from Malvern, said he was threatened after coming to the rescue of a woman who was locked in her shop.

He was waiting for his 14-year-old daughter, Carmen, to enter the nightclub Sin, after he dropped her off for a night for children under 18.

Mr Smith said a Sin bouncer threatened to punch him, verbally abused him and took a photograph as he stood across the road after helping the shopkeeper.

He said the threats left him shaken up but he didn't tell his daughter, who was still in the queue.

Mr Smith, aged 52, said: “Like a typical teen, Carmen told me to wait up the road as she didn’t want to be seen with her dad. I stayed my distance as I didn’t want to embarrass her.”

Mr Smith uses a walking stick as he struggles to walk a long distance due to a disability in his leg and hip. He also has problems with his breathing.

He was leaning against a wall when he saw a woman in Worcester Learning Zone, across the road from Sin, tapping on the window, he told the Worcester News.

“I couldn’t hear what she was saying through the glass, but we managed to communicate, and she told me she was locked in," he said. "She passed me the shop keys through the letter box and I opened the door from the outside.

“She was so grateful I helped her. She was crying with relief when she came out of the shop. She said there was no heating and it was freezing in there.”

Mr Smith claimed three bouncers approached him and told him there had been complaints about him hanging around the street.

Mr Smith reassured the doormen he had dropped off his daughter and was keeping check on her while she was in the queue, he said.

The shop worker from Worcester Learning Zone backed up Mr Smith's explanation and said he had just saved her from being locked in.

After the three bouncers apologised and walked off, another bouncer came over.

Mr Smith added: “The next thing you know, another doorman came up to me. He was a lot more intimidating and told me I had to move and began threatening me. He put his chest out and told me he would punch me, and with one hit I would fall to the floor.

“He called me a pervert sex offender. He said ‘you look like a pervert. The police are coming to get you, I have already called them.’

“He took a step back and got out his phone, in which he took a photograph of me and then threatened to take me out. It was like he wanted me to retaliate and cause a scene.

“Carmen is my world. I would do anything for her. I did not react to what had happened as I wouldn’t want to do anything to upset her.

“I do not deserve to be treated like that. It made me extremely angry. I have not slept all night. It left me shaken up, which is not in my character at all.”

Carmen went into the club and was picked up by Mr Smith later that evening.

The manager of Sin, Paul Todd, declined to comment when approached by the Worcester News.