RESIDENTS in Wyre Forest have to pay £22.50 if they want the council to collect a large item of furniture from their doorstep and up to £100 for up to ten items, figures analysed by the BBC reveal.

The BBC’s Shared Data Unit has analysed statistics on bulky waste charges across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, sourced from local authority websites between October and November 2018, which show how much councils charge to collect bulky waste items such as furniture and household electrical items that won't fit in the bin.

Councils were also asked whether they offer a concessionary rate, and if they issue a separate charge for white goods such as fridges and freezers.

In Wyre Forest, the council charges £22.50 for one to two items to be collected, £45 for three to four items, £60 for five to six items, £80 for seven to eight items and £100 for collection of nine to ten bulky items – and there are no concessionary rates available.

In neighbouring Bromsgrove, the council charges just £8.50 per item.

It is not clear whether there is a maximum number of items that can be collected and there are no concessionary rates available.

Councillor Rebecca Vale, cabinet member for operational services at Wyre Forest District Council, said: “Our bulky waste collection service is extremely popular with over 1,300 collections each year, complementing our normal black bin, green bin and garden waste collections.

“In our experience the majority of our customers ask us to collect two or more items, which our current pricing structure reflects.

“At £22.50 for two items, this door-to-door personal service represents excellent value when compared to charges by other councils across the country.

“We think it is only fair that people who choose to use this optional service should meet collection costs, rather than increasing council tax as a whole which would affect all residents.”