A DOG that attacked two people in Worcester city centre has been saved after the victims asked magistrates not to order the husky to be killed.

But the dog's owner, Serkan Koruk, was warned his husky malamute will be destroyed if there is a repeat attack.

Koruk admitted two counts of being in charge of a dangerous dog that caused injury to the two victims in separate incidents only minutes apart, in Worcester High Street on August 11.

Nicola Ritchie, prosecuting, told magistrates that the first attack took place at 12.50pm outside Co-operative Travel, when the defendant was watching a brass band playing near the Guildhall.

Miss Ritchie explained that Kevin Jardean, a dog lover, approached the husky to stroke him but the two-year-old male lashed out and bit the victim, causing a one-and-a-half inch puncture wound on his left forearm.

Miss Richie said: "The dog snapped. Mr Jardean went to Worcestershire Royal Hospital and was told the wound may need a skin graft, but fortunately they were able to stitch the wound.

"He made three other visits to hospital. He had to have four weeks off work. He is a self-employed builder, and suffered a financial loss."

Miss Ritchie said the second attack happened around 1pm, just 10 minutes later in the same location, when victim Amelia Kite was walking in the street with her mum and pointed at the dog.

The court heard the dog suddenly lurched towards her with enough force that he pulled Karuk, who then tried to get the husky under control by shouting at him.

Miss Ritchie said Koruk did manage to pull the dog away, but not before the dog injured the victim.

"Miss Kite went with her mother to hospital, and they cleaned up her hand and wrists that were bleeding," Miss Ritchie said.

"They gave her a tetanus boost as a precaution."

She added: "Both injured parties have said they do not wish for the dog to be destroyed."

Defending himself, Koruk was asked whether the details of the offence were correct to which he replied: "It is what it is."

Asked why he had not moved position after the dog's first attack, the 37-year-old, of Albert Road, Worcester, said: "It (the dog) was under control, the dog was eating.

"In the second (incident) I was trying to calm him down, when she approached.

"He had never done anything like this before."

Koruk added that he had not seen the dog since his arrest, as the husky was seized by police.

Magistrates, who deliberated for more than 10 minutes, fined Koruk £115 for both attacks and ordered him to pay compensation of £700 to Mr Jardean, and £100 to Miss Kite.

Koruk was also ordered to pay costs of £185 and a victim surcharge of £30 – a total of £1,245, which is to be paid at a rate of £15 a week.

A contingent order was also made warning that the husky would be destroyed if there is another occurrence, and ordering that the dog must be kept on a lead and muzzled at all times when in public.

Koruk appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court on Thursday.