HISTORY enthusiasts got together to enjoy workshops, musketry and historic fighting re-enactments.

Organised by Worcester Re-enactors, Living History In Worcester saw groups of re-enactors come together from across the country from places as far away as Wales and Yorkshire. The show has been taking place for 15 years and has grown each year. It is also supported by Love Worcester. Events took place over the weekend at The Comanderry, Greyfriars House and Tudor House.

Brian Bullock, organiser said: “We have got everything from early Celts right through to 1990s SAS and everything in between, Medieval, Tudor, Napoleonic wars, English civil war, American civil war and World Wars 1 and 2.”

“We have got around 200 re-enactors. The event opens up the season for people. It is the biggest event of the year for the county.”

Mr Bullock was dressed as a French Safe: “They would have been the guys at the head of the column. I have a big apron and a big axe as well. They were meant to take out barricades so the army could carry on.”

A fighting demonstration took place, acted out by re-enactors dressed as Byzantine Varangian Guards. These were mainly Swedes, and Norsemen and Anglo Saxons from England who were body guards for Byzantine Emperors. They were also a police force and were sent out to capture people, as well as serving as marines on Byzantine vessels. They were skilled fighters but were well known for getting drunk in their spare time.

Andrew Knight is a volunteer at Tudor House. Mr Knight said: "We have got the 'terrible Tudors' in today. The house was built in 1575 and they are re-creating that era. It has been really busy today. It (Living History) is really good for Worcester. It brings so many people into the town and it is free of charge."

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