FOR this week’s In the Classroom feature, reporter Grace Walton took a drive to the outside of Worcester, to Madresfield Village, in Malvern, to meet the pre-schoolers and see what the children have been up to during British Science Week.

IT was British Science Week during my visit, therefore everybody - and I mean everybody from all ages, took part in spectacular experiments and role-played as scientists for the day. British Science Week is a 10-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Carrie Randell, the science club coordinator said: “The experiences that children have during the early years are very important. These experiences shape their future. By offering fun, engaging activities which incorporate STEM thinking, children develop their abilities to explore, be curious, ask questions and test their theories - all whilst having fun.”

Plenty of fun activities were arranged for the little ones to get involved in throughout the day. Every child was keen to join in with scientific experiments. The children were creating their own dinosaur fossils from clay and making eruptive volcanoes.

It was fascinating to watch the children work on these experiments. The children used playdough to wrap around a plastic bottle, with vinegar, red food colouring, washing up liquid and bicarbonate soda placed inside a bottle. Once all these components were mixed together, the volcanic eruption began.

The learning environment is positive at the centre, involving babies and toddlers interacting and learning through play. I was surprised to discover how children from only 18 months take part in the science club. Each department adapts and provides scientific activities for the children that is age appropriate.

Mrs Randell added: “As well as celebrating British Science Week, we also run a science club throughout the year, where we have made our own hovercrafts and hot air Balloons, explored weather and looked at the deep blue sea. This term we are exploring space and are in training to be astronauts.

“At Madresfield Early Years Centre, we have a strong Ethos of learning through play. We believe that by offering children opportunities to enjoy a varied range of activities, such as science club and woodland school, these important, enriched early years experiences allow them to develop much needed life skills, such as critical thinking and good decision making, therefore helping them on their journey to becoming confident, self-sufficient adults.”


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