A DRUNK man called police to say he was lost and had to be told by city officers to put trousers on, a court heard.

Ian Fogarty admitted being drunk and disorderly in Castle Street, Worcester when he appeared at the city's magistrates court on Thursday.

Adrian Jones, prosecuting, said police were originally called by Fogarty in the early hours of March 6 when he told them he didn’t know where he was.

While on the phone a passer-by came to Fogarty's assistance and informed police he was in Sansome Walk. After arriving, officers took the 33-year-old to a nearby taxi rank.

“Police believed that was the end of the matter,” Mr Jones said. “But an hour-and-a-half later a taxi driver called, saying this defendant had got into his taxi. He had started to make threats, including to kill his children. They (officers) found Fogarty sat outside the taxi without his trousers on – officers had to tell him to get dressed.”

In interview, Mr Jones said he had recently lost his job, so went out drinking from 3pm the day before.

“On a scale of one to 10, he put himself at about 30,” Mr Jones said. “He was apologetic, and said police should not have to deal with people like him.”

He added that Fogarty, of Pennine Walk, Bromsgrove, had two previous drunk and disorderly convictions.

Fogarty, representing himself, was asked if he wanted to say anything and replied: “I think everything has been covered”.

He was given a 12-month conditional discharge and told to pay £135 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.