A CITY chicken restaurant has applied for a new late-night refreshment licence.

If the application is approved, Pepe’s Piri Piri in Lowesmoor, Worcester, will be allowed to serve hot food and non-alcoholic drinks until 2am every day, rather than 11.30pm.

Owner Mutaher Shah was joined by Worcester Mayor Jabba Riaz in August last year for the official opening of the eatery, which serves chicken burgers and wraps.

All new applications and variations to existing premises and club licences are subject to a 28-day consultation period – in this case, until May 9.

During this time, statutory bodies, including the police, fire safety department and Primary Care Trust will be consulted.

As part of the application, submitted by United LA Ltd, of which Mr Shah is a director, a number of steps have been proposed by the applicant as part of its operating schedule.

These include, no alcohol to be served on the premises as well as a log book documenting all incidents of crime and disorder to be kept and given to police or any regulating authority on request.

Password-protected CCTV will also be in operation while the venue is open and will be given to police if requested, while a trained staff member will be there at all times who can produce viewable copies.

Notices will also be displayed reminding customers to use the litter bins provided and any litter within two metres of the premises will be collected.

All staff will undergo safeguarding training in relation to under 18s and a training record will be kept on the premises for police or regulating authority to see.

Mr Shah, 44, and from Redditch, told the Worcester News on opening, that the restaurant would focus on “supporting the community” and helping vulnerable people by “welcoming them and creating a safe place”.

He also said free food would be offered to any homeless customers.

Mr Shah was unavailable for comment in relation to the licence variation application.

For more on the application see worcsregservices.gov.uk and search 19/01960/PREMLI.