Having settled into my new role as Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party with responsibility for young people, it seemed to me that climate change has really drawn in engagement from all ages, and I had the opportunity to see Greta Thunberg address a crowded room of MPs and staff. Greta is just sixteen and has already received international recognition as a leading climate activist, highlighting the impact young people are having on politics.

In the Chamber, I had the opportunity to question the Minister for Energy and Clean Growth, Claire Perry, about whether we can reduce emissions whilst continuing to grow the economy. I also asked Ministers what we can do to retain prison officers, how the Government can reduce the amount of young people in the justice system, and the best way to tackle football discrimination. I asked for clarification about the real risk of Huawei and how we need to rationally and fully investigate the potential risks, but also stressed the positive aspect of their huge contribution to the UK’s digital economy. I also questioned Ministers about the new Youth Charter and the economic benefits of having more equality and diversity in the workplace. A welcome announcement was that Finn’s Law has received Royal Assent, meaning it is now an offence to cause unnecessary suffering to service animals like police dogs.

Locally, I was pleased to hear the Health Secretary’s statement that more funding will be allocated to hospitals in Worcestershire. I have been lobbying the Department for Health and Social Care to release urgently needed funding for the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust, and I am pleased that Ministers have heeded my concerns. I also met with Swan Lane First School when they came to visit Parliament, where I nearly managed to get through the whole Q&A without a question on Brexit.

Of course, Brexit negotiations are continuing between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. Delivering Brexit looks to be very challenging unless everyone is willing to compromise to some degree, and I remain hopeful that some form of consensus will be reached soon.”