*Warning contains swearing*

BIKERS pulling wheelies in city streets have defended their actions, saying it’s better than them becoming involved in knife crime.

And the growing community of young cyclists have organised a ride out event this Saturday.

Worcester News readers have highlighted several incidents of teens recklessly doing wheelies with readers slamming the growing trend as dangerous and risking lives.

But since the story hit the headlines, the youngsters involved have said “they are not all bad”, and denied being a nuisance.

Cam Pardoe, 21, and one of the bikers, said: “We aren’t all bad. Yes some of us do stupid stuff like blocking traffic and going into oncoming cars, but we aren’t all like that.”

Another member of the group said: “I’m 22-years-old and regularly venture out with my younger brother to have a little ride around the town with the rest of the group. As a group we ride round practising wheelies and the extra tricks you can perform on the back wheel of a bike.

“The group has formed because Worcester offers nothing for kids to do who have no money and nowhere to go, so we ride on the streets.

“The craze has come from London as there’s a large movement of bikers in that area - every year they hold a ride out to prevent knife crime. I know knife crime isn’t big around Worcester but at least the kids are doing what they enjoy and not causing real trouble like vandalism.

“I also agree that yes, they shouldn’t be riding into traffic, but it provokes us when cars try to get as close as possible beeping their horn when they are in a wheelie, putting them in more danger than they are actually in. At the end of the day it's bringing kids from different areas together and creating friendships. They’re all a bunch of nice lads when they themselves are spoken to and treated nicely although drivers don’t remember that.

“It’s a hobby, not a nuisance.”

A Youtube video has been posted of the youngsters performing tricks on the streets of Worcester. At one point in the video, called ‘Madness Security Called’, the group are seen weaving around traffic in Foregate Street, and stopped by security guards at Crowngate. The video is also promoting a meet up being held near the Elgar Stature in Cathedral Square this Saturday at noon.

West Mercia Police have previously told us: “When seen we try to stop and educate the persons on this behaviour and the dangers involved. Persons repeating this behaviour will be reported to our anti-social behaviour department and dealt with accordingly.”

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