A WOMAN raped by an “arrogant” cricketer in his team-mate’s bedroom has spoken out about the humiliation she felt.

Alex Hepburn, 23, was jailed for five years after an attack he carried out during the first night of a sexual conquest “game” he helped to set up on a WhatsApp group.

The Australian-born former Worcestershire all-rounder was said by the prosecution to have been “fired up” by the contest to sleep with the most women. He assaulted the victim at a city flat in April 2017 after she had consensual sex with his then team-mate Joe Clarke.

A jury found Hepburn guilty of oral rape at a re-trial in April, but cleared him of a further count of rape relating to the same victim.

The victim has now given a television interview, on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme, in which she said it had left her with facial paralysis and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Recalling events that night she said she told Mr Clarke what happened, before seeing Hepburn and fleeing the flat.

“Once I’d grabbed my clothes, I ran out to the street and stopped a passer-by,” she said.

“I told her everything that happened and she rang the police.”

At the police station, she said “I remember thinking that I didn’t want people knowing.”

The victim said it had been so “humiliating” to find out at Hepburn’s trial that she had unwillingly been part of a “game”, and she believes Hepburn was so involved in the competition, “he had no idea what he was doing was wrong”.

The victim said what happened had effectively led to her life being placed on hold.

“I wanted to go on to be a primary school teacher and I delayed all of that because of the trial,” she said.

During sentencing, Judge Jim Tindal said Hepburn had “arrogantly” believed his victim would consent during the attack. The victim said she agreed, believing he “would have thought I was grateful”.

The victim, who has not been named for legal reasons, said she was later shocked and disgusted over the way Hepburn and his mates talked about women, revealed in Whatsapp messages that were not heard in court.

She added that her attacker had no idea about the consequences of his actions, and had ruined both their lives.

Hepburn is understood to be seeking an appeal against his conviction.

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