SATURDAY’S in Ludlow Town Centre offer a chance to see a little bit of living history.

In July Ludlow Country Market celebrated the centenary of the country markets movement.

In 1919 the first market in Lewes in Sussex was opened through a partnership between the Women’s Institute and the Ministry of Agriculture to help boost food production and support women living in rural areas in the wake of the First World War.

The idea was successful and progressed quickly.

Now Ludlow is one of 250 country markets in England and Wales.

In Shropshire there are eight country markets with them selling homemade produce, cakes and baked goods, preserves, seasonal garden produce and plants and a great range of handicrafts.

Ludlow Country Market takes place every Saturday in the Women’s Centre.

There are revamped displays and lots of samples.

As with all country markets Ludlow is a co-operative of members living in the immediate area providing high quality produce.

Although the markets are popular there has been a call for more traders who would like to take the opportunity to sell at the weekly event in Ludlow.

It is important that new blood comes into the country markets so that the tradition that has been a part of rural life for so long can continue.