CLIMATE change activists were on the streets of Stourbridge as part of today's global Extinction Rebellion protests.

Protestors waved banners and placards calling for urgent action to halt global warming.

The protest took place today (September 20) between 7am and 9am, organisers claimed around 120 people took part.

Some protestors briefly attempted to block Stourbridge ring road but were lacking in numbers and unable to cause severe disruption - however they said they will be back and will aim to make a bigger impact.

Evesham Journal:

Protestor, David Morris, said: "This is just the beginning, there will be more demonstrations, we are going to be back in bigger numbers.

"There is no issue more important, over one million people are demonstrating all over the world."

Transition Stourbridge, who were behind plans to demonstrate in Stourbridge, distanced themselves from the protestors who attempted to block the road.

Transition Stourbridge co-ordinator, Susanne Jones, said: "They weren't part of our organisation and what we were doing.

"The disruption was not part of our plan.

"If there are any more protests where there is traffic disruption it's nothing to do with Transition Stourbridge.

"We are a peaceful organisation, we don't want any disruption to peoples' daily lives."

The Transition Stourbridge demonstration attracted around 70 people including children.

Evesham Journal:

Picture: Facebook/ Transition Stourbridge

The organisation, which works on a variety of projects to improve the environment in the region, is calling for action to tackle climate change and pollution.

Evesham Journal:

Picture: Facebook/ Transition Stourbridge