One of the country's best-loved stand-up comedians, the sharp-witted veteran Simon Evans, is back on tour again.

Even better, Worcester's Huntingdon Hall will be a stop, where he hopes to be bamboozling the audience with The Work of the Devil, which just happens to be the title of his tour.

And Douglas Adams, the famous writer, was one inspiration for the rather unusual theme.

Simon said: "It’s from one of his unpublished, unfinished passages for Dirk Gently – a theory about the three different stages of progress in everyone’s life. Firstly, there’s what existed before you were born and until the age of about 12 or 13: with me, I grew up accepting that television, for instance, simply existed. Then there are things which are invented in our late teens and 20s which are exciting innovations that offer us opportunities to experience the thrills our parents never knew. For me, again, computers, digital watches, and arguably sandwich toasters. And then there are things which arrive from our mid-30s onwards, by which point we can no longer keep up.

"Any innovation that arrives after that point leaves you saying: You mark my words - no good will come of this!"

Adams intended the theory to relate to technology, but Evans wonders if it is becoming relevant to our relationship with political and social change as well.

Dry, teasingly non-PC and openly baffled by much of modern life – not to say his own family – Simon has created a strongly defined on-stage persona that has served him well over that time.

But almost incredible revelations about his true identity left him reeling last year – and have made his new tour show, The Work of the Devil, "by far his most memorable, eye opening and thought provoking work to date".

It’s also his most engaging, audiences reporting that tears of laughter mingled at the end with stronger currents of emotion.

Simon said: “The message of the show has become one that is genuinely heart-warming and uplifting."

The date is Friday, April 3.

Tickets: 01905 611427