Ledbury Poetry Festival is unlocking its video archives, to help bored culture vultures cope with all that social isolation, during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The festival's artistic director, Chloe Garner said: "We are diving into the archive!

"Ledbury Poetry Festival has collected years of recordings of events. We thought we'd take the time to share some events from the archive.

"If you are spending more time at home, hopefully you will enjoy listening to this event and you can find many more on the Festival website."

The first event to be released from the archive is from the 2015 Ledbury Poetry Festival.

It is top Polish poet, essayist and critic, Tadeusz Dabrowski and Antonia Lloyd Jones, introduced by Sasha Dugdale who was then editing Modern Poetry in Translation.

The link is: https://www.poetry-festival.co.uk/podcast/70-tadeusz-dabrowski-and-antonia-lloyd-jones/

Chloe said: "What I remember so vividly about this event was the chemistry between Tadeusz and Antonia - live it was electric! It must be because they have worked so closely together through the translation process and it seems Tadeusz looks very closely over the translations. Antonia does ask him how he will cope when he is translated in Chinese and he can't comment on the placing of a comma or other such details.

"I find the Polish language very beautiful to listen to, which makes this particularly enjoyable for me as a podcast. I think the conversational element of this event, as Antonia and Tadeusz read and talk together makes it effective as a podcast. The intimacy is lovely. Also the humour between them. What the listener gets from this podcast is an insight into a translator wrestling with the nuances of words in one language and trying to not loose those nuances in English."

Chloe added: "Therefore expect fascinating insights into particular Polish words. Antonia openly shares with us what has fallen between the cracks, puns in Polish that are lost in English. And of course a journey through ten years of Tadeusz's poetry."