WHILST coronavirus is the hot medical topic doctors in Ludlow have again pleaded for people who have other health worries not to ignore them.

Nationally, an increase in non Covid-19 deaths has been causing concern that people may be failing to get help when they need it.

For major emergences such as chest pains or signs of a stroke people should call 999 but other potentially serious symptoms cannot be ignored.

These include diabetes that is not under control or something that might lead a patient to fear they could have cancer.

The message from both the Station Drive and Portcullis surgeries in Ludlow is that they are still open for business.

“We continue to see patients who need to be seen every day and have done so since the beginning of the outbreak,” said Dr Catherine Beanland of Portcullis Surgery,

“Our doors may be closed but all you need to do is call us and we will do all that we can to help you.

“Please do not ignore worrying symptoms such as: weight loss, a persistent cough, changes in your voice, or swallowing.

“Any change in your bowel habits such as new onset diarrhoea or bleeding or new abdominal pain or bloating should not be ignored.

“Also any abnormal bleeding or bruising, any change in your periods, blood in your urine or phlegm should always be investigated, please call or email the practice and we will speak to you over the phone or, if needed, see you either at the practice or with a visit to your home.”

There is also a recognition that it is not just physical health that is a problem but especially at this time there is likely to be even more stress and mental health concerns.

“We continue to provide counselling appointments and support via our counsellors Mary and Siri who have continued to provide appointments,” Dr Beanland said.

Many mental health services are currently greatly reduced, so the availability of local provision has been invaluable.

The surgery has put in place additional capacity to enable home visits to be made when appropriate if patients cannot be seen at the surgery.

Evening and Saturday appointments are available.