CONCERN has been growing at the number of deaths in care homes.

A high proportion of people appear to be dying of Covid-19 in care homes where they are being looked after.

Portcullis GP surgery in Ludlow has stepped up its support for patients in care homes and in Ludlow Hospital.

“We have offered a new video-consultation service to all our vulnerable patients in care homes and have instigated alternate weekly phone calls and video consultations in order to continue providing high quality care to our residents while minimising the number of visits needed to the home,” said Dr Catherine Beanland of Portcullis surgery.

“In addition, one of our partners is visiting the hospital three times a day with a full daily review of every admitted patient on alternate weeks.”

When the number of Covid-19 deaths started to be included in the daily figures there was a marked increase showing that whilst the number of people succumbing to the coronavirus has been falling those dying in care hones remains high.

In addition to the fact that people in care homes will be older and more at risk because of health conditions other factors suggested have included that they are not being admitted into hospital and problems with getting personal protective equipment. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he regrets the high number of deaths in care homes.