A ROW has been sparked over parking wardens in Ludlow.

It comes after wardens were seen in the town on a Tuesday during the lockdown and when there was no market.

Both Ludlow Mayor Tim Gill and Andy Boddington, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow North, have struck out against the action.

“There never is a market on a Tuesday outside December,” said Mr Boddington.

“Anyways, we have no markets at all now. The town centre is quiet. It is like that everywhere.

“Shropshire Council’s reaction to this has been to send in traffic wardens to slap yellow tickets on vehicles breaching the confusing rules for parking in our town centre.

“I asked council leaders why they were doing this.

“Ludlow is not lawless or disorderly. Details of the cycling and walking plans would be important. But from what I read, there are no plans to promote cycling and walking in Ludlow. Shropshire Council is just making up excuses for handing out parking fines.

“It should concentrate its resources on restarting the economy and that must be a greener economy than we have had to date.”

In a letter to Mr Boddington, Steve Davenport, the Shropshire Council cabinet member responsible for highways said: ‘Firstly to keep law and order secondly they have been asked to help with all our mkt towns in working out our cycling walking avenues as instructed by our government, and for me they are always on the ground and understand every kerb and corner.’

Ludlow Mayor Tim Gill says that he cannot understand why the wardens were in town.

“Why there here when there are next to no shops open and little traffic is a mystery,” said Mr Gill.

There has been controversy in Ludlow about parking and enforcement since a new regime of charges was introduced at the end of 2018 which some traders say has resulted in a loss of business for shops in the town