A WOMAN from Ludlow has been showing the kind of spirit that is helping the town to get through the coronavirus pandemic.

She was determined to find an unusual way to help the NHS and show her gratitude to doctors, nurses and other health workers.

So Poppy Olsmore decided that she would ask people just to donate 20 pence which has gone on to prove that every little counts.

In fact, Ms Olsmore, aged 22, has so far raised £1,400 for the NHS. She has been following social distancing and collects the money in a bowl on the end of a long pole.

Her collection has caught the imagination of people in Ludlow who have given generously.

She presented the money to Dr Graham Cook, a partner at Station Drive Surgery, near to where she collected the money.

Ludlow is showing that tough times can bring the best out of people.

The Pulling Together Ludlow campaign is providing support for people all over the town and especially those who are isolated and vulnerable and need help with shopping and the collection of prescriptions.

With a high proportion of older people who are in the vulnerable category the support is proving vital.

Many shops in the town are open and providing important services including home deliveries to people who cannot get out.